What is Septic Service and How Often to Call a Septic Servicer

Septic service is a service that services septic systems, which are the sewage disposal system for homes with no connection to a municipal sewer. Septic services can help you maintain and fix your septic tank, or they can pump out your septic tank entirely if it becomes too full. They also provide different types of septic services like installing new tanks or pumps in order to prevent backups into your home.

What is septic service and how often should you call a septic servicer

Septic service is important. Septic systems that are over 10 years old should be inspected. Regular pumping, cleaning, and maintenance can help save you money on costly repairs, as well as extending the life of your septic tank. In order to avoid any septic system damage, you need to get your septic serviced. Here are some common signs that may indicate the septic needs servicing: 

 – a change in how quickly water drains from a sink or bathtub; 

 – slow drainage of wastewater

Septic Service

Common signs that your septic system needs to be serviced

How often you should service your septic tank depends on a number of factors. These include the number of people in your home and how much water you use. In general, if you have a family of four, you would have to schedule a septic tank pumping every three to five years. Sometimes, you may need to perform a septic tank pumping service outside of the regular schedule if you have more people in the home or if you start noticing certain “symptoms” around your house.

If you start to smell raw sewage around sinks and other places where water drains out, then you will definitely need to call in professionals to perform a septic pumping service. Another time you would need to perform a septic tank pumping would be when you would expect a large number of guests for an important celebration at your house. This would ensure that your overall system would not get backed up or stressed as a result of heavy usage.

Another time when you could perform a septic tank pumping is after a septic tank test once you have sold your home. It is very important that the pumping is performed after the test during a home inspection to ensure the validity of the septic tank test. Otherwise, your actions could be construed as fraud.

Reasons why you need to get your septic system serviced regularly

You may not be aware of the importance septic service can have on your home. When you schedule a septic service such as septic pumping depends on a number of factors including the size of your household and how often water is used. In some cases, you may want to schedule septic pumping services right before an event like a major celebration. Taking the effort to regularly pump out a septic system will allow you to not only save money but to also help protect the environment around you. If it has been a while since you have scheduled septic service, contact a septic service on your nearest septic contractor now.

Septic Service

How much does it cost for routine septic service?

Septic service costs depend on septic tank size, septic system design, and the number of bedrooms. An average septic pumping can cost $150-$350 per year or more depending on how often you need to have it done. The frequency for septic services varies from every six months to once every five years.

What are some ways to save money when having work done on a tank?

Before septic service is needed, the homeowners should do some preventative measures to save money. For example, try to buy in bulk so that they can use less energy and water when doing laundry. They could also reduce their lawn watering by letting it go dormant for a period of time or only using it on cool days.

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